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Sustainable Urban Farming

“Increasing access to fresh, healthy food for the mind and the body” Donate to our controlled environment agricultural system project

Sustainable Urban Farming

Access to fresh, healthy food

Bringing high tech farming education to urban communities because access to healthy foods is a human right

We are committed to improving lives in underserved communities by providing access to a consistent supply of fresh vegetables and herbs at a reduced cost to residents starting in Charlotte, NC. Our goal is to create work force development training through high tech farming leading to significant impact in the economic mobility of our constituents. We also plan to conduct cutting edge research to enhance the nutritional value of our vegetables to help improve health outcomes in food insecure neighborhoods. We truly want food to be thy medicine.

Presently we are striving to raise funds to build a state-of-the-art controlled environment agricultural system on two acres of land in Mecklenburg County. Please consider donating</