Nourishe Wellness Partners with the Morehouse School of Medicine to offer Mindfulness tools to Residents and Faculty

The Morehouse School of Medicine understands the importance of wellness and embeds it into their culture.  On June 29th, 2022, residents attended a Surgery Residency Retreat at The Venue at Eagles Brooke located in Locust Grove, GA.  The event was a day filled with inspirational messaging, yoga, martial arts and massage therapy.

“At Morehouse School of Medicine wellness is not just a requirement, it’s a priority!  Wellness is about offering our faculty, residents and medical students tools to enable them to pursue their passion in alignment with their purpose as healers. We were excited to have Angela Cauley with the George Washington Carver Food Research Institute provide a yoga session based on the theme of building your foundation and living your purpose.”

Dr. Montreka Dansby, Program Manager, Surgical Education